Glossier Just Dropped A New Skin-Care Product — & It's Very On-Brand

If you've ever wondered about how those Glossier models take off their no-makeup makeup, we're guessing the first step involves soaking a cotton pad in Glossier Milky Oil. The brand's fresh new launch, an oil-based makeup remover, just dropped online today — and you can bet the pink-capped, G-stamped plastic dropper is about to solidify a spot on the vanities and in the makeup bags of girls with great skin everywhere.
Oil-based makeup removers have a reputation for being greasy, but this milky modern iteration takes a different approach: The texture is definitely slick, but because it includes a micellar-water additive that draws dirt and makeup like a magnet, it takes it all off without leaving residue behind. The combination creates a soft and silky makeup remover, meant to be squeezed onto a cotton pad or swab and pressed over skin to wipe away waterproof makeup without any rubbing, tugging, or irritation.
If you know the Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser, this version is similar in function, but dissolves makeup faster; it's a makeup remover, not a cleanser. One of the best parts of the whole deal is the reasonable price point: just £10 for a bottle. Of course, said bottle is fun-sized (and TSA-friendly), and you might drain it pretty quickly if you're using it every single day. But if you're looking to take off your makeup like a glowy-skinned Glossier girl, here's your invitation to do just that.

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