At Last! This Dating App Now Lets You Filter By Star Sign

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If one of your New Year's resolutions is to use dating apps more mindfully, you're in luck. Bumble has announced that it's now allowing users to filter potential partners according to star sign.
The filter only works if a user has included their sign on their profile, so if you're someone who places stock in your weekly horoscope, you're more likely to match with someone else who listens to the Zodiac.
On Twitter, the new star sign filter is definitely pleasing horoscope fans – and prompting the odd typical Gemini joke. (I'm a Gemini myself, and well used to it by now!)
According to a recent study by another dating app, Jaumo, Scorpios are the most popular star sign among people swiping on dating apps. After analysing the behaviour of 40m users, Jaumo found that Scorpios received 12.12% of likes – ahead of Libras in second place (9.95% of likes) and Virgos in third (8.72%).
Check out Jaumo's full results below:
Scorpio - 12.12%
Libra - 9.95%
Virgo - 8.72%
Cancer - 8.46%
Leo - 8.38%
Taurus - 7.94%
Gemini - 7.88%
Aries - 7.60%
Pisces - 7.55%
Capricorn - 7.22%
Aquarius - 7.17%
Sagittarius - 6.96%
In her Love Horoscope for 2019, Refinery29's horoscopes expert Venus Australis writes "that 2019 will be overflowing with romantic energy".
"Venus — the planet of love and pleasure — is direct all year long which means that you’ll experience her vibrant vibe as she passes through the all twelve houses of the zodiac, and makes a second trip through four," she adds. "But that doesn’t mean all will be calm and majestic because Jupiter, the planet of luck squares against Neptune three times this year, which might encourage you to set unrealistic expectations in your relationships."
You can read the full love horoscope here.
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