12 Winter Haircut Trends Coming Out Of L.A.'s Most Popular Salons

Photo: Courtesy of Nova Arts Studio.
With the new year getting closer by the second, you may be feeling that inexplicable itch to go for a drastic change when it comes to your hair. The only thing that's stopping you is: That appointment could be tomorrow and you have no idea if you want just a trim, the chin-length bob you've spotted all over Instagram, or something you can still pull into a low bun.
Before you find yourself suddenly wrapped in that hairdresser's gown, staring back at your reflection without a clue, we've rounded up a visual menu to inspire your dream winter cut (and colour). Better yet, the following report is broken down by the four biggest haircut trends — from cool shaggy bobs to long, blended layers — coming out of L.A.'s most overbooked salons.
Scroll through for the 12 haircuts that will have you racing to see your stylist in no time.

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