"Spice Up Your Life" Has A Hidden Lyric You've Been Missing For Years

Photo: MJ Kim/Spice Girls LLP/Getty Images.
There's zero question that the Spice Girls have staying power. Though the English girl group went on an official hiatus in 2000 (two years after Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, departed the band during their world tour), the girls have had multiple reunions, with one such stadium tour coming up in 2019.
What has just as much staying power? The lyrics to the Spice Girls' iconic hits, burned into fans' brains forever, ready to pop out whenever it's time for karaoke.
At least, you may think that you memorised the words to the entire Spice Girls discography.
If you've been singing along to their iconic track "Spice Up Your Life" since its debut in 1997, Halliwell (now Geri Horner) is here to tell you that you have been getting certain words, and their official meaning, totally and completely wrong this entire time.
At the end of the chorus, the Spice Girls sing something that sounds like "Hi, see ya, hold tight." That's what I assumed that the lyrics were, anyway — until Halliwell posted these words on Twitter, offering us a definitive answer.
"Hai si ja hold tight!"
Fans — including this writer — were shook.
"I was today years old when I found out the lyrics weren’t “ha, see ya, hold tight” I get it now, yes in different languages. Genius," wrote one.
Yep: The Spice Girls are actually singing "Yes, Yes, Yes," in three different language. How we were supposed to know that the gang was jumping between Japanese, Spanish, and German within one sentence, I'm not sure, but now that we've seen the words written out, the fact is as clear as ever.
Some refused to believe it:
"Sorry no I categorically refuse to believe the lyrics are 'hai si ja' and not 'hi see ya.'"
"Mind. Blown," another added.
While this fact may make you believe that your passion for the Spice Girls needs reexamining, let is inspire you to do a deep dive in the group's discography. After all, if you do plan on shouting these lyrics with the crowd during the Spice Girls' 2019 tour, well — best to be prepared, right?

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