Does This Malfunctioning Set Piece Even Know Who Beyoncé IS?

Photo: Courtesy of Raven B. Varona/Parkwood/PictureGroup.
Imaging having the audacity to incorrectly do your job while Beyoncé is standing on top of you. A moving platform on stage during Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z's OTR II tour in Warsaw, Poland did just that this weekend, refusing to lower back down to the ground, leaving the duo stranded until those working the stage helped the singer get down via ladder.
Captured on video by a fan, the two handled the situation so nonchalantly that you don't even realise something is going wrong until two men bring a ladder on stage. During the pause, Beyoncé gave thanks to everyone who helped make the show a possibility, from the fans to the crew — who were about to rescue her from a terrifying height.
Beyoncé is no stranger to malfunctions, which is probably why you almost didn't notice this one. Back in 2013, she famously continued belting out "Halo" while stage hands untangled her hair from a fan.
Whether its dancing or escaping peril, Beyoncé literally never misses a beat.

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