Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson Got New Tattoos — Here's What They Mean

If you thought you had Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's tattoos figured out, then prepare to feel hoodwinked. Just yesterday, the two added even more ink to their respective body-art collections — but, for the first time in a while, these tats might not have anything to do with their whirlwind romance whatsoever. (Shocker, we know.)
Yesterday afternoon, Grande debuted what appears to be a tattoo on the side of her right hand, just along her thumb. From the short video she posted on Instagram, here's what we can deduce: Her best friend, Courtney, most likely has the same exact tattoo (she's reportedly the other hand in the video), which reads "H2GKMO." According to Grande's Twitter, this acronym represents a phrase — "honest to god knock me out" — she says often.
Some fans are speculating that Davidson, along with a few other people in Grande's entourage, also got the same tattoo. Although there's no concrete proof of that (yet), we do know that Davidson got another piece of ink around the same time. Davidson's tattoo artist, Jon Mesa, posted the results of his most recent visit with the comedian: the word "reborn," inked on Davidson's right hand. Mesa wrote in the caption that the word is a reference to Kid Cudi's new album Kids See Ghosts, in which Cudi often references being reborn.

REBORN-@petedavidson inspired by that new @kidcudi the album is fire!

A post shared by Jon Mesa (@jonmesatattoos) on

Connect the dots, and you'll realise this is the very same spot Grande got her new tattoo, too. If we've learned anything at all about this newly-minted couple, it's that there's almost always a secret meaning hidden under the surface...

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