Inside Instagram's New NYC Office, Where The Gelato Is Free & The Bar Is Always Open

Photo: Courtesy of Instagram.
Walking inside Instagram's new New York office feels a bit like stepping onto a movie set designed to look like your feed. In any other work space, glitter bears, translucent, rainbow domes, and a miniature conference room decked out in Versace's iconic golden vector pattern might look out of place. But here, it comes together to look like the best of Instagram brought to life.
While Instagram has had a presence inside Facebook's New York headquarters at 770 Broadway for years, it has rapidly outgrown the shared space. (There are currently 290 employees in New York, and will likely be 60 more by the end of 2018.) Now, Instagram has its own full floor, which signifies both its ever-expanding audience and increasing importance as part of the Facebook business model.
In some ways, the new office is similar to others in the tech industry: The food and drink are free, and conference rooms come with kooky names like All Black Everything and Accidentally Wes Anderson. But there's also a very meta feeling to the space: You know what you're seeing was not only created to represent the app, but it's also meant to end up on the app's feed. (Have you even been to the Instagram office if you haven't taken and posted a photo from the miNY conference room?)
For all of its playfulness, this is still a place where people need to get work done. "We wanted to create a space that was focused on form and usability versus a concept that was over-designed," Kitty Bromhead, Instagram New York's culture lead, told Refinery29 via email.
Unfortunately, the office is not open to the public for tours. Unless you're lucky enough to get invited to an event or have a friend who works there, you'll have to live vicariously through the photos others post. In the meantime, click through for a look at the most Instagrammable spaces from Instagram's New York office.

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