Jason Kennedy Swerved Andy Cohen's "Gay Spectrum" Question In Very Awkward Interview

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At the Golden Globes back in January, it was Debra Messing putting Giuliana Rancic on the spot about E! not paying Catt Sadler as much as her cohost Jason Kennedy. At Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards, it was Kennedy’s turn for an awkward and confrontational red carpet moment. When the pink-suited Andy Cohen stepped up to Kennedy’s microphone, the E! presenter definitely didn’t think the interview would take the turn it did. It started out innocently enough, with Kennedy helpfully wiping some makeup off Cohen’s lapel. (Kennedy's own makeup, in fact, after he brushed against Cohen during a hug.)
An ingratiating Kennedy then pointed out that Cohen is really funny on Instagram which, true! This gave Cohen a chance to beg pardon for his ‘gram storm during the Jennifer Lopez show he recently attended. He even got in a nice joke about how she “gave all she had to give.” Now that song will be stuck in our head for hours.
Then, things really took a turn. Kennedy asked about Cohen’s relationship status — specifically the fact that he’s single. Rather than playing along, Cohen retorted, “Why, are you interested?”
A mostly-unfazed Kennedy responded that he’s happily married, so he’s going to take a pass, and attempted to pivot – asking Cohen if people approach him in Vegas.
“Where are you on the gay spectrum?” Cohen interjected.
Kennedy had no idea what to do with the question. Few moments have been so quintessentially awkward. (Watch the clip above if you don't believe us.)
Kennedy pretended he didn’t know what that meant, so Cohen elaborated. “How possible would it be at like 4 in the morning in Vegas, would guys have a better shot at you then maybe…”
“I would say my wife, I would call and be like, ‘Andy’s hitting on me,’” a flabbergasted Jason Kennedy stumbled in response.
Cohen then made the encounter even better. “That’s a leap. I didn’t say it would be me,” he pointed out, to which Kennedy could only apologise and say, “Now it got really awkward.”
You think?
Kennedy tried to snap back to his original line of questioning with, “Are we happy being single?” Cohen still wasn’t having it. “We’re happy in general,” he fired back. “The night is young; it’s Vegas. I might marry a showgirl tonight.”
“Vegas, baby!” Jason Kennedy shouted out. Then, with another look to check and see if the makeup had been sufficiently removed from Cohen’s pink jacket, the most uncomfortable moment of the night (thus far; the show hasn’t even started yet) was blessedly over.
Please let every celebrity Jason Kennedy talks to tonight ask him where he falls on the Kinsey scale. It’s the least they can do after years of “What are you wearing” and Mani-Cams. Do it for Catt Sadler. Do it for all of us.

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