You Can Now Get Rachel’s Famous Meat Trifle On Deliveroo

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Any Friends lover can remember Rachel's infamous "meat trifle". In season six episode "The One Where Ross Got High", Jennifer Aniston's character attempts to make a deliciously sweet Thanksgiving dessert, but suffers a not-so-minor mishap. When two cookbook pages get stuck together, she carries on following the instructions as she sees them, and ends up with a dessert that's half fruit trifle and half shepherd's pie. Gross, right?
Well, iron-stomached Friends fans can now try the hybrid dish for themselves, thanks to Deliveroo. From this Friday at 9pm (the sitcom's traditional UK time slot), the online food delivery company will launch the Regina Phalange pop-up restaurant, selling just one item: a Rachel-inspired Meat & Sweet Trifle.
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You can either order a version of the dish with actual meat in it, just like Rachel made, or a veggie option which replaces the beef with mince tofu. The incredible full list of ingredients is as follows: lady fingers, jam, custard, raspberries, beef (or tofu) sautéed with peas and onion, bananas and whipped cream.
It costs £6 and is apparently big enough to serve between six and eight people (if you know that many people who'd be willing to try it). It's environmentally friendly too, arriving in a large recyclable dessert bowl.
Deliveroo's Joe Groves says: "With Rachel's trifle faux pas being one of the most memorable TV moments in Friends, we wanted to pay homage to the show by giving our customers the chance to order it through Deliveroo.
"The Meat & Sweet is surprisingly quite amazing, to quote a wise Italian-American, 'What's not to like? Custard, good. Jam, good. Meat, GOOD!'"
During a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Matt LeBlanc revealed that when we saw the Friends crew tucking into Rachel's meat trifle on screen, they were actually eating a simple plate of bananas and whipped cream.
However, the scene still ended up making LeBlanc feel sick after he unwittingly ate a mouthful of "trifle" that co-star David Schwimmer had just spat out. More gross.
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