The Music Video-Making Apps Even A-Listers Are Using

In the spectrum of viral videos, you could put the quick clips of Vine (may it RIP) at one end, and the creator-helmed channels of YouTube at the other. In the middle, there's an increasingly prevalent kind of viral video created with apps that put special effects front and centre. Social music videos let you put your own touch on the latest Ariana Grande, without the expense of a standard music video production. Lest you question their legitimacy, even industry standouts like Cardi B and Rita Ora use them — for fun, that is.
Here's the nice part: You don't need to have dancing or singing skills to make a hit. Some of the most popular videos are ones where a complete lack of talent, but a sharp sense of humour or concept, is the draw. For others, it's the clever use of "magic" effects — virtual smoke, flames, you name it — that pull in viewers.
Ahead, a look at the apps beginners, and even A-listers, use to make and share music videos.

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