We Tried Cannabidoil Beauty Products — & Here's What We Thought

It's 2018, and weed is buzzier now than it's been since 1968 — just not for the reason you'd think. The psychoactive plant technically known as cannabis has found itself in an unlikely position as the trendiest skin-care ingredient you don't need a state-mandated medical-marijuana card to buy. But should you really incorporate it into your routine?
First things first: When people talk about weed beauty, we're talking about cannabidoil, or CBD for short, the non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant. You can find CBD just about anywhere these days — even on your eyelashes — but the most notable benefits in regard to the beauty industry come from topical products, like body lotions, balms, and salves. Its anti-inflammatory properties are excellent for soothing aches and pains from ailments like scoliosis and endometriosis, as well as treating irritated skin conditions like eczema.
That said, there aren't a whole lot of vetted studies to back these claims up just yet. Considering the DEA largely regulates cannabis and cannabis-related products, we have yet to be blessed with hard-and-fast clinical data. So, no, you shouldn't expect your traditional doctor to recommend lotion infused with cannabidoil for your back pain, or CBD salves for your period cramps.
But the CBD industry is growing faster than laws could ever possibly change, with new products and brands cropping up all over the country catering to this exact craze. At this rate, it feels like every single day brings a new CBD beauty product you need to know about — so we tested them all, so you don't have to. After seeing how the newest formulas stack up against our daily aches and irritations, we found the ones we may never be able to live without...

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