These Fenty Beauty Body Lava Tutorials Are Not Like The Rest

Up until a few weeks ago, seduction wasn't exactly the first thing that came to mind when you thought of body glitter — just major '00s flashbacks and ruined white clothes. But then Rihanna released a five-second clip in which she applied the brand-new Fenty Beauty Body Lava to her bare shoulder — with bedroom eyes and slow, methodical strokes — and just like that, body luminiser hit peak sex appeal.
Now, men are heating up the conversation by creating their own renditions of the video that are just as extra as the real thing. The only difference? In the clips ahead, it's out with the body makeup and in with the socks, maple syrup, and nunchucks — suggestive candlelight be damned. All you need is an iPhone to make like Rihanna this time around.

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