Why Don't More Celebrities Praise Their Nannies Like Jessica Alba?

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Jessica Alba has an important message for mothers everywhere: You don't ever have to embark on your journey alone.
The actress penned a heartfelt Instagram post on Monday praising her children's nanny, Connie Simpson, for all of her love and guidance.
"I'd like to introduce y'all to a very special person. My sweet @nannyconnie," she began. "Nearly 10 years ago she came into my life and showed me the ropes with my newborn baby Honor -even though it was only for 3 weeks, as a new mom, it set the stage for me to take on the biggest, most important thing that had ever happened to me. She taught me how to bathe, breast feed and soothe my new baby. And taught me about the importance of taking care of myself and gave me the space to have all the feels and not feel so alone."
Alba continued to say that Simpson is now back in her family to help raise her newborn son, Hayes, and acknowledged that "it truly takes a village to raise kiddos." Though not everyone can be so fortunate to get to know Simpson personally, Alba said the incredible caretaker just wrote a book, titled The Nanny Connie Way, that can help people adjust to parenthood.

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The importance of Alba's post cannot be stressed enough. Far too often, new parents feel pressured to handle everything perfectly on their own, which is both unrealistic and unhealthy. Asking for help is by no means an admittance of failure, and there's no reason to be ashamed of reaching out for guidance or assistance.
So, why is it that so many celebrities, including the Kardashians, shy away from talking about the strong men and women who help raise their children?
One reason could be that it seems any time a celebrity admits to having a nanny or is pictured with a nanny, anonymous commenters accuse them of never being around and not caring enough about their children. For example, a few years ago, people accused Alec and Hilaria Baldwin of being absent from their kids' lives after the actor kindly thanked five women, both nannies and babysitters, for their hard work.
If people aren't slamming celebrities who hire nannies for being lazy, they're busy centring the conversation around controversial (and, in some cases, alleged) affairs. Look, we know that some people are unfaithful, but just because someone cheats on their spouse with a physical trainer doesn't mean the work fitness coaches do is automatically deemed unimportant. It's time we start applying the same logic towards nannies who work so hard every day and shift the conversation to include acknowledgement and praise of that hard work.
Being a working mom is tough. There's absolutely no denying that. There's also no shame in celebrities admitting that one of the reasons that they can juggle having a family and a career is because they have help. That simple admission could empower millions of other moms to do the same.
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