Chrissy Teigen Brought Her Own "Emotional Support Casserole" On A Recent Flight

Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Recently, a woman made headlines when she wasn't allowed on her United Airlines flight because she wanted to bring an "emotional support peacock" along for the plane ride. Though she had purchased the peacock it's very own ticket, the airline insisted that the animal didn't comply with its strict size and weight restrictions. Thankfully, Chrissy Teigen and her unconventional emotional support item didn't meet the same fate during a flight this past weekend. Teigen did all her research beforehand to make sure her emotional support scalloped potatoes made it onto the plane with her.
Chrissy Teigen had us on the edge of our seats all weekend about whether or not some delicious looking scalloped potatoes would pass through TSA. It all started on Saturday afternoon when the cookbook author tweeted to ask, "If I don’t have a carry-on, can I bring a large ceramic casserole dish of scalloped potatoes on the plane? I am not kidding, is this okay? Is it too blunt/heavy an object? I’ll cry if they throw it away."
As strange as that question may sound, we shouldn't too surprised given Teigen's love of food and her unfortunate luck with plane travel. Also, sometimes you really never know with TSA — this writer once had to throw away a jar of mayonnaise in order to make it through security, and it was truly tragic. So, Chrissy did was she does best. She turned to Twitter for help and even tagged American Airline to get the answer. Naturally, the Twitter interaction that followed was hilarious.
As is usually the case for this social media pro, Twitter did come through with an answer to Chrissy Teigen's very important question. AskTSA responded with the information she needed to feel confident enough to bring these special scalloped potatoes to the security line.
The journey could have ended with AskTSA's response, but this is Chrissy Teigen we're talking about. She proceeded to show off how these scalloped potatoes were made and even posted a video featuring of her placing the emotional support casserole on the security conveyor belt to be screened.
In the end, Teigen made it on the American Airlines flight with her scalloped potatoes in hand. She didn't even have to buy the casserole its own seat, and honestly, it looks like a way better travel companion than a peacock.

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