Couple's Secret Proposal Plan Takes A Serendipitous Turn

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What are the chances of two people planning a proposal at the exact same moment without the other knowing? Infinitesimal, yes, but it's not beyond the realms of possibility, as one young couple just discovered.
Tori Monaco and Berkley Cade from Austin, Texas, got the surprise of their lives when they realised what had happened – and the priceless moment was captured in a now viral video for the world to see.
Monaco had planned to pop the question during a family game of Pictionary. When her partner of four years' back was turned, she got down on one knee and held up a ring box for Cade to see when she turned around – "Hey Berk, will you marry me?” she asked.
Cade was stunned. She froze in total shock before a voice off camera urged, “Show her Berk. Show her!" She then whipped out her own ring with which she had been planning to surprise Monaco.
They both said yes and their family and friends can be heard whooping and clapping in the background. Monaco was so shocked that she exclaimed: "What?! This is a joke! This is a set-up!”
The lovebirds both took to Twitter and Instagram to tell the story of the romantic moment, sharing photos of the rings. “I planned a proposal for months... little did I know she planned one too!” tweeted Monaco.
Meanwhile her wife-to-be wrote: “After four LONG months of keep this secret... turns out Tori McKinzi Marie Monaco was keeping one too. I cannot wait to marry the woman of my dreams. I love you forever baby.”
The wedding is planned for 27th September 2019, the couple told Buzzfeed News, adding that they were grateful for the support on social media, "We are beyond humbled by our relationship," said Monaco. "Having so many people support us and find inspiration and happiness in our successful, loving relationship is so amazing."

HOLDING ON TO YOU TIGHT for the rest of my life, my love ❤️💍

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She said the possibility of marriage was there between them from the start: "We are each other's first same-sex relationship, so we were blown away by our ability to connect with each other immediately and find the happiness we had been looking for."
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