The Haircare Practice We Wish We'd Tried Sooner

Photo: Hannah Morgan
Multi-masking in skincare is nothing new – we've been using detoxing clay on our T-zone and soothing lavender on our cheeks for some time now. But for our hair? We wish we'd started sooner. With bespoke beauty gaining momentum, it makes complete sense to approach our hair and scalp in the same way we do our skin.
Sustainable hair salon Ralph & Rice has partnered with ethical haircare brand Davines to offer in-salon multi-masking. "Damaged, bleached ends, mid-length mysteries, virgin roots and don’t forget your scalp – multi-masking will help make these a thing of the past," the salon's cofounder Anita explains. "With a treatment-based system, we'll analyse and prescribe the appropriate mask required for the different levels of damage."
You can head to the salon for a 20-minute treatment and diagnosis of your haircare troubles, or you can take the masks home and apply in the bathroom. "As far as application, roots can be done with a tint brush and bowl, whereas the ends can be liberally applied by hand," Anita explains. "Processing time is typically 10 minutes, but there wouldn't be an issue if left for longer as these are clay-based masks, so won't leave hair lank and greasy."
So next time we apply a mask, we'll be attending to our hair's various needs, from frazzled ends to oily roots. Click through to find the other hair masks we'll be using to get our locks in fighting shape.

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