The Original Modeliser: Mick Jagger & His Fabulous Women

Photo: Mark and Colleen Hayward/Redferns.
In the second episode of Sex and The City, America's fabulous foursome tackled the exquisite art form of men who exclusively date models, or what they referred to as modelisers. Aptly titled 'Models and Mortals', the script carried punchline after punchline about the glitzy trend that existed long before the episode. But, as Mr. Big watered down Carrie Bradshaw's dual points that it's both a form of sport and validation, he does manage to tell one truth: exceptional beauty in women is undeniable.
It got us thinking, then, about the real-life modelisers who've used the fashion industry as their own personal dating pools. And, as it goes, all signs led to the most immortal of men: the rockstars of the '60s and '70s. Jagger, for short.
After some digging, the trend in the Rolling Stone frontman's love life became too obvious (and stylish) to ignore. From Marianne Faithfull to Anita Pallenberg, Chrissie Shrimpton, and more, Jagger and the women he loved defined the eras that inform most of the current trends of today. Think: white suits, platforms, fringe, fur dusters, and a whole lotta denim. Everyone knows fashion is cyclical, and some style tendencies come and go, but it was these women who, backstage or front-and-centre, ingrained an overarching message in vintage fashion history — the idea that fashion was meant to rock; no rules, no games, and sometimes, no pants.
While being a model today means eons more than what it used to — bearing mention that the modelling rulebook has since been rewritten — the women ahead faced the music in street style numbers that have held places on our vision boards for decades. While the war between models and mortals has long been over (or was just a figment of our subconscious, thanks to SATC), the women ahead prove that personal style is the ultimate weapon.

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