Twitter Helps Girl Find Stranger She Kissed At The Eiffel Tower

Sometimes, social media really comes through. The most recent example to restore our faith in humanity? A group of strangers on Twitter helped a teenager find a handsome stranger with whom she shared a kiss atop the Eiffel Tower. Hollywood screenwriters, take note of this rom-com worthy plot.
American high-schooler Juliana Corrales, from California, was on holiday in Paris with friends when she shared the touching moment with a young chap named Gavin, but was so flustered that she forgot to ask for his number.
Here's how the situation came about, as she explained on her Twitter account (@juju_corrales).
Understandably, her followers wanted the full lowdown and the lovestruck teen was all too happy to oblige.
All the while, her followers were lapping it up and promptly began searching for the mystery man.
Eventually, someone tracked him down on Instagram via his mum, who had posted a picture of Gavin on the Pont des Arts, aka the "love lock" bridge – of all places – and various Paris-inspired hashtags. Oh, the wonders of social media!
But after a bit more digging on other forms of social media, there was an unexpected plot twist. Alas, the pair may have met in the City of Love but when judging from his own Facebook and Instagram accounts, he probably already has a girlfriend.
Juliana graciously accepted the news and thanked everyone for helping her.
But some wouldn't accept it, offering up glimmers of hope that he might actually be single because he hadn't updated his accounts for a while. We suppose there's also a chance his girlfriend has noticed the worldwide furore over her boyfriend kissing someone else and, er, dumped him for cheating.
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