Bey Did Not Come To Play Games In Jay-Z's "Family Feud" Music Video

Move over, Marlon Brando. There's a new Godfather in town, and she's serving up looks that slay.
The 30-second teaser for Jay-Z's "Family Feud" music video off his album 4:44 has finally arrived, and it's keeping the focus where it rightfully belongs: on Beyoncé. As Hova sings the song's refrain, "Nobody wins when the family feuds," the camera pans over to Bey, who perches herself on the alter and flashes vengeful glances over a sea of empty pews. Her old-school, semi-revealing black dress paired with her implied devilish intentions are enough to make your devout Catholic grandmother blush.
For his part, Jay-Z makes a play on the mafia genre's commitment to a "family affair" by not only featuring his family (Blue Ivy makes an adorable appearance), but by also bringing Becky with the good hair — whose penchant for a scandal combined with her knife skills prove she's no angel — into the mix.
Honestly, in a half of a minute Jay-Z and Bey have managed to produce a more entertaining and suspenseful clip than any gangster film on the market. There's sex, violence, a plot for revenge, a long-awaited confession from Jay-Z (who literally steps into a church confessional booth to come clean), and your new favourite response when someone forgets to include you in the take-out order.
We don't know what's more intimidating, the head tilt or the raised eyebrow.
While the teaser has everyone talking today, things are only about to get better when they release the whole video on Tidal on Friday, December 29. After all, it's hard not to assume that the lyric "Kay losin' the babies 'cause their future's uncertain" — which references the hardships endured by Michael's second wife in The Godfather — isn't a direct comparison to Jay-Z claiming his infidelity led to Bey birthing stillborns in "4:44." Yeah, it's heavy, but after Lemonade, would you expect anything less?
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