Niall Horan Is "Past The Point Of Caring" When It Comes To Rude Fans

Photo: Brad Barket/Getty Images.
Niall Horan doesn't have time for rude fans.
The former member of One Direction is building his music career as a solo artist, quite successfully. Could part of the reason for his success be that he no longer cares what the haters have to say?
"Back in the day it used to be that you’d read stuff and be like, 'Aw, is that what they think of me?' But the way the world turns is you can do no right, so I’ve just gone past the point of caring," the singer told Esquire in a recent interview.
He added:
"Apparently all these people who are writing to you are perfect, so they have every right to say that to you. So they can go fuck themselves."
With fame comes the assumption that people are free to comment, however harshly, on any facet of their public and private lives, and Horan joins the ranks of many celebrities who have expressed opinions about the volatility of public opinion.
Former bandmate Zayn Malik dealt with some harsh criticism for his decision to leave the band, and came to the same conclusion – he had no time for it. J.K. Rowling has proven time and again that hate comments will not be tolerated.
Sometimes the comments come from other people in the industry. When Zendaya was criticised for wearing her hair in dreadlocks on the red carpet, she responded in a way that was both graceful and direct. Kendall Jenner decided to make a joke of the things rude fans said to her in a Mean Girls-style video. Plenty of celebrities have come to realise that while hate comments unfortunately come with the territory, they don't have to bring them down.
Horan seems to be full steam ahead on his career, hate comments or no hate comments. Even though the songwriter just released his debut, solo album Flicker in October, he already has plans to head straight into recording another. The recording process for his second album will take place over the next year, reports NME.
Niall Horan has learned the important lesson that having the confidence to take a risk and do something you care about is more important than any rude comments online, and that's what makes him beautiful.

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