29 Food Moments From 2017 That Gave Us All The Feels

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Before moving forward into a new year and all it's blossoming opportunities, it is important to take a glance back at what it is we're leaving behind. Sure, there are certain memories we will wilfully abandon come 2018 — like a certain chilling pizza carrying method. Or how one roommate horrifically opened an innocent bag of bread. But then there are the moments that we will cheerfully reminisce over, for many years to come. And those are the ultimate feel good food moments of 2017.
This past year was filled with everything from Ellen and Oprah's impromptu grocery trips to baby baristas and bakers, geriatrics couples with an intense love for fast food dates, chicken nugget, and Dorito bouquets — just to name a select few. In fact, there were so many major food-related moments that we needed to round up all 29 in order not to forget any. Scroll ahead to take a trip down memory lane with Jimmy Kimmel's candy tricks, Neil Patrick Harris's Chopped-themed birthday party, and much more. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll feel all the feels — and we'll be right there with you.
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The Couple Who Named Their Baby After Olive Garden
Justin and Jordan Garton demonstrated just how deep the love for a fast-casual chain could run.
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Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Trick On His Daughter
She took this far better than we ever would.
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When This Woman Proposed With A Bouquet Of Doritos
Can you really say no when a bouquet of Doritos is involved? We think not.
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This Baby's Taco Bell Birthday Shoot
This baby has set the bar insanely high for all of our future birthday bashes.
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When This Man Held A Funeral For His Exploded Ketchup Bottle
We are still laughing over that oven mitt casket.
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The Elderly Man Feeding His Wife Ice Cream in 98-Degree Heat
Two words: relationship goals.
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When Jimmy Kimmel Made His Daughter Dory Pancakes
The sheer joy on her face has us gutted.
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When Ellen Degeneres & Oprah Went Grocery Shopping Together
What we wouldn't give to join this dream duo on their next grocery excursion.
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When These Grandparent's Documented Their Every Date At In N Out
We can't decide what we love more: these cute grandparents or In N Out's Animal-style burger.
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Matthew McConaughey Handing Out Thanksgiving Turkeys On His Birthday
Imagine Matthew McConaughey showing up at your door with a turkey. Just imagine it.
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The Grandma Who's Accidental Text Turned Into A Thanksgiving Tradition
One of 2017's happiest accidents.
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The Kindergartner Who Raised $7k In Milk Money For Classmates
This young, charitable entrepreneur completely stole our hearts.
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When A Teen's College Essay On Papa John's Got Her Free Pizza (& Into Yale)
A lifetime of free pizza OR admission to Yale? It's a toss-up.
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When Gordon Ramsay & James Corden Judged MasterChef Jr. Jr.
There are no words — just the image of Ramsay with a toy car in his mouth.
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When This Baby Had A Fried Chicken Photo Shoot
An iconic food art moment.
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When This Boyfriend Gave His Girlfriend A Chicken Nugget Bouquet
Never settle for less than a bouquet of McDonald's chicken nuggets.
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When This Little Girl Made Up A Song To Ask For Oreos
We'll be taking a page from Vivienne's advice book and composing songs for sweets.
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The Elderly Couple Who Have Traveled 5 Million Miles To Visit Cracker Barrels
Now that's dedication.
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This Dad's Last Day Of School Lunch Note To His Daughter
The dedication and nostalgia levels here are killing us.
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Holy f**k, it worked! #liamneeson

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When Liam Neeson Took This Sandwich Shop Up On Their Offer
Knowing you can count on Liam Neeson to show up was one of the most comforting moments of 2017.
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The Empanada-Stealing Dog Hero
We all have a little bit of the empanada dog inside us.
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This Toddler's First Sip Of Soda
Like watching a tiny, baby drama unfold; Evie's reaction progression is priceless.
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When This Restaurant In Montreal Offered Free Food For Those In Need
Inspiring us to pay it forward more in 2018.
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When Justin Trudeau Made S'mores With Campers
If there's one thing in life we want to see, it's Justin Trudeau holding a s'mores.
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When Seth Rogen & James Corden Delivered Pizzas In L.A.
One of the most fun-loving duos delivering one of our favorite foods.
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When This Mom Tried Ordering Pizza With The Domino's App
This mom's classic "mom" move was both hilarious and incredibly relatable.

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