Will Kate Middleton Be Meghan Markle's Bridesmaid?

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As details for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding start to come together, we're naturally getting curious about the bridal party. Traditionally, royals don't have groomsmen and bridesmaids, although Prince William did break with protocol back in 2011 and dub Prince Harry his best man (rather than his "supporter," which is what happened in royal weddings past). Experts are expecting Prince Harry to return the favour to his brother.
That begs the question: Who will be Meghan Markle's bridesmaids? There's already chatter that she might go rogue and choose adult bridesmaids, like most brides do in the United States. (If this happens, we would very much like to see pal Serena Williams make the cut!) But experts also say that it's extremely unlikely Markle will choose Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, as one of her attendants.
For starters, explains WeddingWire trend expert Anne Chertoff, Will and Kate's third child is due in April, and the wedding is in May 2018, "so she may not feel up to all the bridesmaid responsibilities a few weeks after."
Plus, Kate might have her hands full getting the kids ready for the occasion, since Prince George and Princess Charlotte are likely to be pageboy and flower girl. Celebrity wedding planner Mindy Weiss agrees that the duchess probably won't be matron of honour, adding that in royal weddings, children often play a major role. "I'm sure Prince George and Princess Charlotte will be front and centre, and, hopefully, the new baby, too!"
The fact that Kate is the future Queen of England certainly complicates things. She wasn't even matron of honour at her sister Pippa's wedding earlier this year so as not to upstage the bride, although she did play a role and make sure the kids behaved. "Kate won't want to steal Meghan's thunder or take away any attention, and she knows that if she's in the bridal party just as many eyes will be watching her walking down the aisle as on Meghan," says Chertoff.
The most logical reason? The two haven't even had time to become BFFs yet. "Just because Meghan and Kate are getting along well doesn't mean Meghan should ask her to be a bridesmaid, when she has closer girlfriends she wants to be in the wedding's inner circle," Chertoff says. "As with any bride, it's important to ask those close to you — whether relative or friend — and Meghan and Kate only became acquainted recently."
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