Pantone's Colour Of The Year Gives Us Hope For 2018

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When Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton gave her concession speech the day after the presidential election last November, her bright violet lapel and blouse also spoke volumes. The colour, which represents the unity she called for in her speech, inspired her followers to press forward, to never give up, and to work together for a better future.
And there's another layer to that colour choice as well — because, like her white pantsuits, that regal hue was also worn by suffragettes to signify loyalty and dignity and became a symbol for feminists throughout history. That's why we're so excited that the Pantone Colour Institute has decided to name "Ultra Violet" the 2018 Colour Of The Year.
"There were the feminists of the 1970s who used [violet] as a way to stand outside the norm," explains Laurie Pressman, VP of the Pantone Colour Institute which predicts the next year's colour trends. "It's not a colour women were wearing at the time — it's very dramatic — so to me it was really a sign of protest more than anything else. It's a way to say, 'How do I make a statement? How do I stand out above the fray?'"
After a year in which women gathered for the largest single-day demonstration in history, tirelessly fought against sexual harassment, ran for political office in record numbers, and supported organisations like Planned Parenthood when the government wouldn't, it feels good to be going into 2018 with a colour that reflects just how strong our unity — and our feminism — truly is.
To celebrate the announcement, Pantone teamed up with Butter London to create a custom Ultra Violet beauty collection, so you can wear the colour loudly on your eyes, nails, or lips if you so choose. (Press play on the video below to see how we'll be using it.)
While swiping on an eyeshadow or lip gloss in solidarity might feel trivial in the wake of everything happening in the world today, remember that there's nothing wrong with doing something for yourself and creating a visual reminder that we're all in this together. Sarina Godin, Butter London's president, says it best: "Ultra Violet conveys a sense of dignity, progress, and possibility. It celebrates non-conformity and equality. This message is symbolic of female empowerment as women continue to express themselves in a multitude of forms — whether it be bold colour, activism, or other artistic expression."
makeup by Amanda Thesen; modeled by Caroline Wimberly.
Butter London + Pantone Colour of the Year 2018 Collection Kit, available at Butter London.

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