Twitter Tried To Crowdsource The Good Things About Brexit & The Responses Were Hilarious

There's no shortage of bad news around Brexit – just look at what happened yesterday with Northern Ireland – and all the doom and gloom seems to be getting to us. More than half (52%) of the British population, including those who voted Leave, now reckons the country will get a bad Brexit deal, according to a new survey of more than 2,000 people. This marks a substantial jump up from 37% in February.
Noticing this prevailing sense of Brexit dread in the media, writer and journalist Caitlin Moran thought it was worth at least trying to redress the balance. She put a callout for positive Brexit news on Twitter – and the responses didn't do much to allay anyone's fears.
"Is there a separate media bubble which is all good news about Brexit? Because I'm definitely in the one where it looks like a total fucking shambles," she asked. "In the interests of balance - and providing much-needed cheery news - I'm totally happy to RT any good news about Brexit. All the sexy stats about how ace it will be. Hit me!"
Someone thought "Brexit" could at least be a useful addition to the Scrabble dictionary.
In theory, others chimed in, Nigel Farage could now just refrain from existing. Hey, we can all dream.
Anyone up for a spot of collective vegetable picking? Once we get rid of all the useless immigrants there'll be a shedload of jobs going. Because we all know that's all immigrants have ever contributed to British society, right? The NHS will be absolutely fine post-Brexit. Ahem.
There'll be now more "EU meddling" in the shape of our bananas. Hoorah! (Despite that fact bananas were never banned because of their shape – curvy or straight).
It may bring about a social collapse in the UK, but at least we'll all have the chance to look like a hot Tom Hardy or Charlize Theron à la Mad Max. Swings and roundabouts, amirite?
Queues to get in and out of the country will get longer. A perfect opportunity to get to know our fellow countrymen and women.
Some people were just scraping the barrel with their suggestions.
While others had nothing.
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