This Is How Many People Now Regret Brexit

More Brits now believe Brexit is a bad idea than a good one for the first time since the shock referendum result, according to a new poll by YouGov. 45% of voters now agree that, with hindsight, Britain was wrong to vote to leave the EU, compared with 43% who said it was the right thing to do. Meanwhile, 12% said they didn’t know, the poll for The Times found.
That bodes well for the next two years of untangling a tapestry of rules, regulations and agreements stitched over more than four decades since Britain joined the union…
More Remainers than Brexiteers believed they’d made the right decision, with 89% of remain voters saying the result was the wrong decision, compared with 85% of leave voters who still backed exiting the EU.
Less pleasing for many Remainers were some of YouGov’s other findings. The Tories were the only party who people thought had a coherent message on Brexit, with 50% saying they had been clear and 31% unclear, reported The Times.
More respondents favoured a hard Brexit (43%) over a soft one (36%), and more people would trust the Tories under Theresa May to negotiate leaving the EU than Labour under Jeremy Corbyn – a sizeable 45% to 16%.
The poll questioned 1,590 adults on the 25th and 26th April. Was this result a blip, or the start of a larger backlash against Brexit? Only time will tell.

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