Spotify Is Exposing How 'Old' We Are According To Our Music Tastes

Everyone seems to be going wild for Spotify’s 2017 Wrapped feature – and it’s easy to see why. The fascinating tool, which dropped yesterday, gives users an insight into their most-streamed music over the last 12 months and reveals how their tastes compare to other Spotify listeners.
It tells you how many minutes’ worth of music you listened to, how many different songs, how many artists and which genres you listened to most. It’s really quite eye-opening. The service also curates a handy playlist of songs you might be into based on what you already like, saving you the job of having to make your own NYE party playlist.
If you’ve not yet tried out the tool, head to and log into your Spotify account. From there, you’re asked to guess how well you know yourself – can you name your most-streamed artist, song and genre of 2017? – before you’re hit with the (potentially harsh) reality of your musical proclivities.
Perhaps the most intriguing titbit proffered up by the feature is how “old” your music taste is. Spotify works this out by calculating the average listening age of your favourite genres – and the results have the potential to confirm all your worst suspicions about your taste. Four Refinery29 staffers were brave enough to reveal and reflect on their results.

David Farrell, Marketing Intern

Age: 25
Average listening age: 26 (Post-teen Pop) & 39 (Soft Rock)
Honestly, I'm surprised that my average listening age wasn't 14, considering the amount of Little Mix I listen to. Taylor Swift only came back to Spotify in June so that shows how much I've rinsed her back catalogue since then. But really, my 2017 belonged to the sweet complex melodies of ethereal Enya – the perfect antidote to my pop sweet tooth. Sail away, sail away, sail away.

Natalie Gil, News Writer

Age: 25
Average listening age: 24 (Dwn Trap) & 33 (Urban Contemporary)
I'm feeling anxious about turning 26 next week so I'm grateful for my love of trap music. Maybe I'm not completely over the hill just yet. In general, I'm not surprised by my results – I get obsessed with particular artists and 2017 has been the year of Ty Dolla $ign (the sexiest voice in music IMHO). I've had a roller coaster year and my top songs definitely reflect that. If only there was a tool that took into account iTunes plays too, then the truth of my taste would really reveal itself.

Georgia Murray, Fashion & Beauty Writer

Age: 25
Average listening age: 26 (Post-teen pop) & 41 (Folk)
I think my results are pretty accurate – the post-teen pop makes sense, as when I looked round the Lorde gig I went to at Ally Pally, most people were my age. Folk makes sense, too – when I saw Neil Young there were a lot of dads in socks and sandals. Clearly I'm a massive barrel of laughs – all of these artists are pretty intense. Although Carly Simon's You're So Vain is a belter. I've had a great year, I promise!

Louise Whitbread, Editorial Intern

Age: 24
Average listening age: 24 (Dwn Trap) & 33 (Urban Contemporary)
I think my average listening age is accurate – I love current pop music as much as a big '80s pop ballad. I thought there would be more R&B in there though, so I'm surprised it's so pop dominated, but I have a tendency to find a song I like and listen to it over and over until I'm sick of it. I'm yet to feel sick of Beyonce and Ed Sheeran. I'm fairly mainstream with my music choices. Listening to strong, independent female artists is probably reflective of how my year has been. When you're chasing a job, more money and career success, you need all the motivation you can find!
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