People Are Not Happy That Tori Spelling Let Her Daughter Wear Makeup

Scrolling through Instagram post-Thanksgiving makes one thing abundantly clear: Everyone does the holiday a little differently. For some, it’s come-as-you-are casual. For others, it’s a dress-up affair. And for Tori Spelling’s 9-year-old daughter Stella, it’s the latter.
In a string of images that Spelling shared on Instagram, Stella is seen wearing a sleek half-up 'do, a cranberry lace dress, and a deep matte lipstick to match. (Her dining companions at the kid’s table, on the other hand, wore T-shirts and tousled hair.) It all sounds like a great way to spend the holiday, if you ask us. But people on Instagram have other opinions.

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After posting the images, Spelling’s comment field populated with hundreds of angry responses. “Stella is too young for dark lipstick,” wrote one commenter. “Why does your daughter have makeup on?? She is to [sic] little!!!” quipped another.
This isn’t the first time Spelling has shared a photo of her daughter wearing makeup. Back in April of last year, she showed Stella wearing lipstick and what appears to be blush under the rim of a very chic hat.

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While that post didn’t spark the kind of outcry that her more recent one did, fans are coming to her defense. Some are asking for Stella’s lipstick shade. (It is good!) Another wrote, “I believe that every parent has the right to decide what is right and wrong for THEIR child... Besides with all the wrong that children can do a little dark lipstick is by far the least a parent should worry about & it definitely shouldn't be the worry of an outsider looking in, that doesn't know the circumstances to why she's wearing it. Maybe just around the house, maybe just for a special occasion.”
As for Spelling’s response? The actress and mom has no need to clap back — her original comment on the post says it all: “Together we have formed a family that’s untraditional. All of us were not born family but a family bound together by love and choice,” she wrote. “Untraditional families are the new tradition and we look forward to celebrating our created family as we grow thru generations and generations.”
Though Spelling may have been talking about her chosen blended family, her words speak volumes when it comes to free will — and the right to wear matte lippies, too.
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