This Gorgeous Starbucks Art Is Going Viral — & It's Easy To See Why

Photo: Courtesy of Starbucks.
Fan or not, practically everyone knows how iconic the Starbucks paper coffee cups are. That signature jade green logo is such a standout feature — no matter what colour background it appears on throughout the year, although many may argue that the crown-adorning mermaid looks its best during red cup season.
Taking their love of the company to new heights, however, a creative group of dedicated customers have proven on social media that doodling your own designs can make for a neat art project. Apparently, all it takes is a vivid imagination, coloured markers, Sharpies, gel pens and some patience. Roughly four to 16 hours of patience, to be clear. At least that's the case for Carrah Aldridge a.k.a Creative_Carrah, the latest woman to go viral thanks to her impressive Starbucks cup art.
We first read about the 22-year-old artist on Teen Vogue, where it was reported that she spends her free time conceptualising ideas and then sharing them with an audience of over 80,000 Instagram followers. Taking a closer peek, Aldridge's feed is chalked full of miniature masterpieces that pile on the detail and rake in likes by the thousands. Each one is completely unique and embodies a different theme, whether that be a specific holiday like Halloween or a custom request by an admirer.
When recently asked by someone on Reddit why she chose coffee cups as her medium, Aldridge responded saying that she was inspired by a friend and finally decided to "give it a go." Reactions afterward ultimately gave her the motivation to keep illustrating. Even the folks at Starbucks have taken notice of her craft, and in December 2016 she was contacted at the corporate level and invited to participate in a red-cup commercial. Talk about goals.
Ahead, here's a look at Aldridge's most impressive designs.

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