Charles Manson Got His Own Doughnut & Yeah, No

On Sunday, cult leader and murderer Charles Manson died at age 83. Most people read the news, thought "Oh, good," and carried on with the rest of their day. But, umm...not everyone.
Apparently, specialty bakery shop, Voodoo Doughnut, had other plans to commemorate the head of the Manson family. According to Eater, Voodoo Doughnut allegedly created a Charles Manson tribute doughnut, and... yeah, that was a bad idea.
The Portland-based company, which also has a shop in Eugene, Oregon, as well as ones in Denver, Austin, Los Angeles, and even Taiwan, raised eyebrows when a Twitter user screenshotted alleged tweets from the company. These tweets, which have since been deleted from the official account, seemingly suggest that Voodoo had created a likeness of Manson in icing on a doughnut.
The first tweet is simply captioned with #CharlesManson, while the second one seemingly tries to clarify why they created the doughnut in the first place: "Not celebrating. Villains die too," the Twitter account allegedly wrote in regards to the doughnut design.
Voodoo Doughnuts' last celebrity-related photo on their Twitter account is a doughnut tribute to Malcolm Young of AC/DC, who died on November 18. Prior to that, the company had a doughnut that nodded to musician Fred Cole, who passed away on 9th November.
These tweets both include the hashtag #RIP, and they're clearly honouring the fallen rockers. Given Voodoo's history of honouring celebrities who've passed away with their own doughnut, it's easy to see why the Manson dessert would rub fans of the company the wrong way, regardless of intention.
The company has since posted a much less controversial doughnut, which does not honour any serial killer, but rather honours cereal. Basically, it's just a doughnut topped with Cap N' Crunch, and it looks delicious.
"Oh captain, my captain!," exclaimed the Voodoo Doughnuts Twitter account, smartly avoiding any reference to the dead cult leader in the tweet.
Let's hope for more tasty-looking doughnut pics – and less controversial tributes – in Voodoo's future.

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