Meat Cakes Are A Thing Now, And Some Of Them Are Actually Stunning

Food for thought: Have you ever wished you could eat meat in cake-form? No? Well, who cares because meat cakes are officially a thing whether you like it or not.
You can thank Amy Sedaris for bringing this new way of eating meat to the attention of many hungry Americans. As Delish pointed out, Sedaris had a seven-tier meat cake on display at the premiere of her new TruTV show At Home With Amy Sedaris.
The cake was made out of pieces of deli meat and decorated with, well, more deli meat. There were pepperoni "roses" and cornichons, which added a pop of colour to this mostly pink-hued concoction. The most impressive, though, might be the tiny mushroom-shaped meat cakes, which are pretty cool once you get past the part that they're made of meat. Honestly, though, it's pretty hard to forget that little detail.
Photo: Jason Kempin/Getty Images.
While Sedaris might have sparked people's imaginations with her premiere party — not to mention, the promo posters for her new show, which featured a four-tier deli meat cake — it seems meat cakes are very popular in Japan.
According to Kotaku, meat cakes have been a thing in Japan for years now. Mostly, they show up in yakiniku restaurants, a Japanese word which stands for "grilled meat." For birthdays, the restaurants assemble raw meat cakes instead of traditional sweet ones. People can then peel off pieces of the raw meat and grill them at their table.
Now being that these cakes are quite Instagram worthy, they have earned their own hashtag. When you search #meatcake, you enter the weird and wonderful world where people celebrate their birthdays with actual cakes made entirely of meat. Sometimes, it's just a slab of beef that despite that candle, still looks very much like a slab of beef.
Other times, the meat cake has been decorated with flowers to make it look like a present. Those flowers do hide the fact that it's actually just pieces of meat — kind of.
Once and a while, they're just entirely made of bacon because why not?
The best may be the one that looks a lot like a fruitcake, except made with meat. Seriously, could've fooled me.
Now, all of this may seem weird to anyone who likes a more traditional cake. You know, one that doesn't have any meat in it at all. Let's be honest for a second, though, are meat cakes any grosser than pimple cakes? We'll wait.

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