Easy Vegan Versions Of Our Favourite Everyday Dishes

Photo: Maryann Ellis
Twenty years ago, you could count the number of celebrity vegans (hello Joaquin and Moby) on the fingers of one hand. Fast-forward to 2017 and veganism is enjoying a moment, with the tally of high-profile names scoffing seitan and jumping on jackfruit tacos now too vast to go into. Joining the vegan veterans, though, are the likes of actors Rooney Mara and Peter Dinklage, camera-shy singer Sia and even MIC’s Tiffany Watson. Our vegetarian Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, reckons he’s eating "more and more vegan food" while most weekends, a magazine supplement documents yet another carnivorous food writer bravely trying a vegan diet.
The number of vegans in Britain has actually risen by an astonishing 360% over the last decade and by The Vegan Society’s reckoning, 15-34-year-olds account for some 42% of converts. Animal welfare may still (rightly) be high on the agenda of reasons people choose to eat this way but it’s no longer the only motivation. Health and environmental concerns are right up there, too.
November 1st is World Vegan Day, kicking off a whole month of awareness. To celebrate, we’re sharing some vegan versions of our favourite everyday dishes. They’re easy to make, taste good and are pretty nutritious too. For me the real key to vegan recipe success is not trying too hard to replicate meaty or dairy ingredients. Keep it simple, be creative and let the flavours sing for themselves.

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