Why This Bar Is Giving A Discount To Women On Their Periods

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A bar in Israel has introduced a feminist twist on happy hour by offering a discount to women who are having their periods.
The 25% discount at Anna Loulou, a bar in Jaffa, just south of Tel Aviv, is available on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays. It's being promoted by the bar as "Bloody Hour."
No form of proof is required: if you say you're on, you'll be charged less for your drink - simple as that. The women who came up with the idea, Moran Barir and Dana Etgar, told local newspaper Haaretz that the 25% discount reflects the fact that women spend 25% of their lives menstruating.
"The whole idea is to give a discount, attention and a treat to someone, to say 'we recognise you, we are aware of the special situation you're in right now, and hey, we want to do you a favour,'" explained Barir.
She also told Haaretz that she hopes "Bloody Hour" will help to open up the conversation around periods - for women and men.
"We want women to say, 'Hey, I’m on my period,' and for it to have a deeper and broader resonance, for it to be legitimate for women to talk about it," Barir said. "When it comes to men, I think these evenings will begin to normalise the situation­ – yes, women menstruate, and [men] should also ask questions and gather information about the subject. It’s not only girl talk."
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