Queen Elizabeth Is In The Fast Food Business — Yes, Really

Photo: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty Images.
So, get this. Queen Elizabeth owns a McDonald's. Yes, you read that correctly, the 91-year-old monarch is tangentially involved in burgers, fries, and Happy Meals. According Business Insider, there is a McDonald's franchise right outside London that's owned by The Crown Estate.
Business Insider recently released a video that has everyone talking about the Queen's unexpected business venture. In the video, it's reported that the McDonald's in question is located in Banbury Gateway Shopping Centre, which — not that we know her that well — doesn't sound like a place one would expect to run into the Queen. Despite that, the shopping centre, which is 80 miles outside of London in the county of Oxfordshire, was built on land owned by the Crown Estates. Business Insider reports that in 2015, Banbury Gateway Shopping Park's development was financed by the Crown Estate, and among the business that set up shop there are Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Primark, and of course, McDonald's.
Since Queen Elizabeth is used to specially-made chocolate biscuit cake, midday gin drinks, and evening champagne, McDonald's seems like a pretty funny choice of restaurant for land owned by the Crown. However, Business Insider explains that like most McDonald's locations in the United Kingdom, it offers "proper English breakfasts" with bacon rolls, hash browns, and tea. Though that's a bit more indulgent than the Queen's go-to breakfast of toast or cereal, she does have a morning cup of tea.
This location is also rather fancy, so we assume that if Queen Elizabeth were to be spotted in a McDonald's, it would probably be this one. According to Business Insider, there's free WiFi, Samsung tablets, phone charging stations, and digital menu boards. Plus, unlike any McDonald's we've ever been to, this one offers table services. Now, that's upscale. Perhaps the location decided on table service just in case their Queen and land owner ever decides to pop by unannounced for a Big Mac.
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