Apple's New Emoji Are Finally On Their Way

Courtesy of Apple.
The wait is finally over: the new emoji Unicode announced earlier this year are finally coming to iPhones. Apple announced that mermaids, crazy faces, takeout boxes, and more, will arrive with iOS 11.1.
The update will be available next week as part of Apple's public beta, which you can easily sign up for here to get first access. If you don't want to download the beta, you'll likely only need to wait a few weeks more for the software update to arrive on your iPhone.
Among the 56 new emoji characters, you'll find plenty that are perfect for a variety of upcoming occasions: Halloween celebrations, cold winter days, and times when you feel like your head is about to explode. Ahead, take a look at how 29 of the latest colourful icons will appear on your iPhone.
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That hat has serious Sorting Hat vibes.
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A little Tinker Bell dust for your texts.
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Glittery hair and an ombré tail put this mermaid in a sea of her own.
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If only this had been around when Twilight and True Blood were at their peak.
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Orange Heart

Finally, an orange heart to complete the emoji rainbow.
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The tallest mammal on earth is coming to a message bubble near you.
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A bold, striped addition to your texts.
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Will you just look at that adorable smile?
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Cue John Williams's Jurassic Park theme song.
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A classic throwback to eighth grade science class.
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Crazy face

For those days when you're feeling a little loopy.
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Shushing face

Quiet, please. The show is about to start.
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Face with symbols over mouth

Also known as an easier, faster way to swear over iMessage.
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Face with monocle

Please read this text extra carefully.
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Takeout box

Fried rice or General Tso's chicken?
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Roasted, with olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper, please.
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Add this to the turkey and potato emoji and you've almost got a full Thanksgiving meal.
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Billed cap

Insert this, then a GIF from your sports team of choice.
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Time to bundle up — winter is coming.
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Apple went for the Christmas look. Add these to the scarf and your texts will be very seasonally appropriate.
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Not sure how much we'll use this trench, but it's nice to have an on-trend option.
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For the niece or nephew in your life — or, for use when texting about the kids in Stranger Things.
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To be used when adult-ing is called for.
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Older Adult

The easiest way to let mum know you caught up with your grandparents.
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You finally have the (emoji) option to ski or sledge.
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Person in steamy room

For when you step out of the sauna — or the overheated subway car.
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Person climbing

Climbing was added to the Olympics — and emoji! Chalky hands everywhere are clapping.
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Curling stone

You'll probably never use this emoji (unless you're Canadian), but hey, it's there if you need it.
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Love-You Gesture

All you need is love — and an emoji to express it.

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