"Healthy Junk Food"? It's A Thing At This London Pop-Up

Is the idea of "healthy junk food" a contradiction in terms, or the holy grail for foodies? Whatever, a pop-up promising just that is opening in London's Shoreditch this week.
The pop-up is being run by a company called NUFF, who already operate a 24/7 online delivery service for Londoners who find themselves fancying a sweet treat. Their range includes doughnuts, brownies, and cookies which feature less in the way of carbs, sugar, and saturated fat than typical versions of these products.
The pop-up opens Tuesday, the 3rd of October, at 188 Shoreditch High Street, and will be there until the 8th. NUFF's CEO, Kevin McLoughlin, told the Metro that the pop-up is part of the brand's "big plans" to expand into selling their sweet streets offline as well as an online.
"Although this first pop-up is quite short term, we do plan on opening more this year, for longer periods, testing out new retail ideas and possibly venturing into new cities," he said.
Well, there we are - look out for a "healthy junk food" pop-up near you soon. Now, it's obviously worth acknowledging that "healthy" is probably relative when it comes to treats like doughnuts, brownies, and cookies. And some people do tend to think that if you're going to have a big, gooey brownie, you may as well go all in and have the biggest, gooiest, most calorific brownie imaginable. Either way, you can check out the nutritional information of NUFF's products on the brand's website.

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