Cardi B Fans Are Leaving Bloody Shoe Emojis On Azealia Banks' Instagram

Cardi B is on top, and anyone who wants to dispute that is going to have to answer to her fans.
Earlier this week, the 24-year-old rapper saw her hit "Bodak Yellow" top the Billboard's Hot 100 chart, making her the first woman in the genre to occupy the No. 1 slot since Lauryn Hill did nearly 20 years ago.
For the most part, the music community is celebrating Cardi's accomplishment, with Missy Elliott, Lil' Kim, Trina, and Nicki Minaj sharing their support on Twitter. Heck, even Taylor Swift sent flowers to congratulate her chart-topping successor. Despite the outpouring of love, some, like Azealia Banks, felt it was their responsibility to dampen the mood by bashing the rising star.
In a series of tweets posted earlier on her now-defunct Twitter page, Banks called Cardi B a "trash representative" who lacked intelligence. Thankfully, BuzzFeed gathered all the receipts.
"I’m just not sure how female rap got to this point. With all the strides we’ve made proving ourselves to be thought leaders and intellects .. we keep getting stuck with such trash representatives," Banks said in one Twitter thread.
She later wrote that Cardi B was just another "stupid stripper" who was popularised by Black men because they think they can manipulate her.
"Black men are always choosing some idiot savant to be the face of female rap, rather than a woman with actual brains and intellect," she wrote. "There are ALOT [sic] of very smart, well-read, intelligent female rappers but black men make sure we're represented at large by women who don’t really make the cut as far as intellect goes. Just stupid stripper culture."
Banks then went on to smear Cardi B for her "bath tub grout butt injections" and "broken speech" before calling her "the poor mans [sic] nicki [Minaj]."
Though Cardi B had every right to ferociously clap back, she kept things simple by tweeting out a video of Banks dancing to "Bodak Yellow."
Get. It. Girl.
Cardi's fans, on the other hand, were royally pissed. After essentially chasing Banks off of Twitter, they swarmed the rapper's Instagram page and left bloody shoes in the comments section as a callout to the lines "These is bloody shoes" and "I make bloody moves" from "Bodak Yellow."
"Stop coming for ma girl cardi u hater," one commenter wrote, adding an emoji of a red stiletto. Another wrote, "You're just salty because you didn't go #1."
I honestly believe that we can support other women while still criticising the male-dominated world of hip-hop. If only Banks saw it that way, too.

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