Two Transgender Students Were Kicked Off A School Bus For Refusing To Sit On The Girls' Side

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Two transgender students from South Glens Falls High School in New York were reportedly kicked off their school bus when they refused to move to the girls' side, The Times Union reports.
According to the outlet, the bus driver forced the two boys, a 16-year-old and 15-year-old, to get off the bus because they wouldn't sit on the side designated for girls.
The driver had previously separated the students by gender and the students exercised their right to sit in the section that matches their identity. According to a statement issued by the school district, the boys' refusal to move was well within their rights.
"The students politely refused and remained in their seats, with every right to do so," the district said in a statement. "The driver then gave the students a choice of either moving or getting off the school bus."
Fellow students recorded the incident and posted it to Facebook, where it quickly went viral. Although the driver's actions were reprehensible, it is encouraging to see and hear the boys' peers coming to their defence. Students can be heard shouting "That’s not right!" and
"Do you know how ridiculous this situation is?" Lilly Wolfe, 15, stood up and tried to explain to the bus driver exactly why his discriminatory actions were so problematic.
The driver proceeded to tell the students they could either move to the girls' side or get off the bus. They chose the latter option, stayed in the school parking lot, and contacted an administrator who got in touch with their parents.
The school district says it's committed to ensuring that incidents like this don't happen in the future.
"We do not tolerate any form of discrimination against our students," Superintendent of Schools Michael Patton said in a public statement. "All students need to feel safe and supported when they are in our classrooms, on our school property or riding in our school buses. We will continue to train and educate all of our students and adults about protecting the rights and needs of all students."
Patton added that the district will "train and educate all of our students and adults about protecting the rights and needs of all students" and "work hard in creating a supportive learning environment that is safe and free of any form of discrimination."
“It made me so angry and so upset that we were being discriminated against over something as trivial as gender identity — because it’s who we are," one of the students ordered off the bus told the Post Star. "We can’t change it. It honestly just was a smack in the face."
Refinery29 has reached out to South Glens Falls High School for comment.

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