11 People Shared The Worst Dates They've Been On

Earlier this week both, James Coston, a self-proclaimed "digital dude" and a Twitter user who goes by @MrRydiculous, asked the people of Twitter to reveal their worst dates — and Twitter delivered in a big way.
Some people went off about dates who would only shell out for fast food (and plenty of them begrudgingly). A surprising amount of people had dates who decided to bring someone else — a brother, friend, and even a mom — along without warning. And several went out with people who lied about their age or what they really looked like.
But some of the dates were even more cringe-worthy, and we've rounded up 11 of the worst below:
The only good thing to come out of these dates, it seems, is a really funny story to tell your friends (or, you know, the whole the Twitterverse).
Unfortunately, there's a good chance that most of us will run across a bad date or two in our lives — though maybe none quite this awful. There are the people who never look up from their phones, and the people who are such terrible matches for you that every sentence is met with silence. But those are relatively mild bad dates — awkward, yes, but not exactly a story to write home about.
Then, there are people like the guy who thinks he's too interesting for people to handle, and the guy who said he knew right away that his date wasn't the girl for him because she "didn't have the goods." Those, like the stories shared on Twitter, are the dates we really want to hear about, that are so SMH-worthy you kind of have to laugh them off.
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