Sean Spicer Thinks Melissa McCarthy Should Split Her Emmy With Him

Sean Spicer is making the media rounds just months after he resigned from his position as the White House press secretary and, unlike his days behind the podium, he's being a lot more candid.
Spicey stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday for a 20-minute interview about everything from his first day on the job – where he was tasked with telling the American people that Trump's inauguration crowd size was the biggest in history – to his thoughts on Melissa McCarthy's impersonation of him on Saturday Night Live.
Throughout his short-lived tenure at the White House, Spicer found himself as a national punching bag and often watched as his hellish weeks were reimagined on SNL. He didn't initially find the humour in the sketches and once told Fox News, "It wasn't funny. It was stupid, or silly, or malicious."
But on Wednesday, Spicer lightened up a bit after Kimmel showed a clip which featured the SNL version of himself bemoaning the press corps for their treatment of him before guzzling a container of gum.
"That was kind of funny," Spicer admitted. He also made a joke about how the sketches "cost [him] a lot of money in therapy".
Kimmel then asked how President Donald Trump felt about SNL's satirical critiques, to which Spicer replied: "I don't think he found as much humour in it as others."
Trump reportedly hated that Spicer was lambasted on the comedy show and at the time made the call to host many of the briefings off-camera (although he's never stated that SNL was the primary factor behind his decision). Kimmel also inquired whether the fact that Spicer's character was played by a woman irked the president.
"I really did not ask a ton of questions," Spicer responded. "That may have been a contributing factor."
"What a no-win situation that is," Kimmel responded. "They're making fun of me and [Trump] is mad at me for it!"
"And she wins an Emmy," Spicer fired back. Earlier this week, Spicer told The Blast that he thinks he and McCarthy "should share" the award. It's nice to see he's letting his guard down a little after what had to be a torturous six months on the job.
Watch the full interview below.

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