People Swear This Shower Gel Is The Ultimate Stress Reliever

On the hierarchy of Lush products that have the most enthusiastic cult followings, Sleepy body lotion ranks high up on the list. The comforting cream’s stress-soothing, insomnia-curing properties are so legendary (and so frequently touted on Reddit) that the company was all but forced to add it to its permanent lineup.
Fans were pleased by this development, of course, but those who swear by the sweet lavender and tonka-based scent still couldn’t help but notice one thing missing: the revival of Sleepy’s shower-gel sibling, Twilight.
First, the bad news: Lush has no intention (that we know of, at least) of bringing the dreamy purple bath product back for good. However, in slightly better news, the brand has confirmed that Twilight will be back on shelves in time for the holiday season. For a little bit of context, the shower gel was originally released as a one-time holiday exclusive a few years back, but the limited launch certainly didn’t stop it from becoming an instant bestseller.
Now, its many admirers wait patiently (or not) for the holidays to roll around each year so that they can stock up on enough of the sweet, shimmery gel to last them the next 365 days. It’s that good.
As with Sleepy, people rave not just about the shower gel’s warm, hypnotic fragrance, but about how well it works as an olfactory sleep aid to help them wind down and chill out. Yes, even when anxiety and stress levels are at an all-time high — like, say, the holidays, for example. If only a calming shower gel was all you needed to wash away your sheer disgust at your second cousin’s ill-informed political views.
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