Join Britney Spears Onstage Drunk & You Will Get Called Out

Photo: JB Lacroix/WireImage.
In the old days, the words "Britney Spears concert" and "intoxicated" would have had a loaded, worrisome meaning. Thank goodness we are in an entirely different era. During her Piece of Me show in Las Vegas on Wednesday night, Spears was the one calling out a fan for having one too many, and the result was comedic, rather than tragic.
When Spears performs "Freakshow" in her Vegas residency, her dancers bring an audience member onto the stage for her to spank and walk on a leash. It sounds like quite an honour for any Britney fan and, on the night in question, the young man named Sean seemed pretty excited. He also wasn't exactly steady on his feet after the song when Spears asked him his name and age.
"Oh, my goodness, you smell like you have a lot of alcohol on your breath," she said, as her dancers held him up so she could sign a t-shirt for him.
Sean was at least sober enough to put his hand on his chest, and pull at his collar in mock embarrassment.
"Jesus Christ!" Spears said after she turned away, much to the crowd's delight.
"That's weird, when they brought me up, they asked if I had had drugs or alcohol in my system, smelled me, shined a flashlight in my eyes, etc.," YouTube star Tyler Oakley said in reply to a fan's Twitter video of this interaction. "All before they let me be a part of anything on stage, the implication being that would be a strict deal breaker (it should be for safety!!)"
Since the troubled years that resulted in Spears being placed in a conservatorship under her father and manager, the singer has reportedly banned alcohol backstage in her workplaces. No such ban is in place for her fans, apparently.

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