Brienne Of Tarth Changed Jaime Lannister’s Life For The Better

If you're in need of a break from crying over Viserion's horribly emotional death, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Gwendoline Christie have just the story for you.
The Game of Thrones actors sat down with Access Hollywood and confirmed what many fans have thought for the past five seasons of the series: Jaime Lannister's life undoubtedly changed once he met and traveled alongside Brienne of Tarth starting all the way back in Season 2.
Though fans have since stopped shipping the pair in favour of a possible Brienne and Tormund romance, it's hard not to have a soft spot for the two unlikely friends who once sparred, joked around, and protected each other during dangerous situations.
When asked about the biggest turning point in his character's storyline, Coster-Waldau responded: "For Jaime, I think it was meeting Brienne of Tarth, there's no question about it."
Much like the Kingslayer, Coster-Waldau couldn't resist a little bit of humour.
"It had a lot of consequence," he told Access Hollywood. "He lost his hand. But there's no question, I think, that he has become a better man for it."
Christie, who looked absolutely stunning with her platinum blonde bob, agreed and suggested that by losing his hand, Jaime opened himself up to deeper emotional possibilities.
"I think it's interesting, as well, like in Lear when Lear loses his sight but he gains insight, I think the losing of your limb gave you greater insight."
She also contended that Jaime had a profound influence on her character's life, too.
"And definitely for Brienne, it was meeting Jaime [that provided a turning point]," she said. "It caused her to question, to stop operating from a system where she just had learnt ideals. Life became on a case-by-case basis and not to be so immediate, rapid, one-dimensional with her judgments."
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