Colourful Inner Eye Strobing Is Instagram's Latest Trend — & It's SO Easy To Copy

Photo: Via @patrickta.
When it comes to highlighting, nearly every part of the face has had its moment in the sun (pun intended). Think: The cheekbones, brow bones, tip of the nose, heck, even the humble ear has been strobed into its finest lit-from-within glory. However, inner eye highlighting, despite the fact that it's a tried-and-true brightening technique among makeup artists, hasn't had quite the same response amongst beauty lovers — until now.
The inner corners of the eyes may be a minuscule, but they're also a high-impact area. Lately, makeup artists and influencers have tasked themselves with innovating the classic technique to create fun pops of colour like you've never seen. Plus, the trick simultaneously makes eyes look brighter and more awake. And guess what? It's the easiest makeup trend we've seen all year. Talk about a glow up.
The technique in question involves highlighting the inner corners of the eyes with bright, shimmery colours like pink, blue, gold, or peach. "I think it draws a bit of intrigue," says makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes. "As long as the tone is pale and fresh, anything goes."
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