Drake Not In Top 100 For First Time Since We Had Braces

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It's the end of an era for Drizzy: According to Billboard, for the first time since 2009, Drake doesn't have a song on the industry publication's Hot 100 list.
Back in May, the sensitive singer earned the distinction of being the first ever to have a song on the Top 100 for eight straight years, starting way back with "Best I Ever Had." He did good, however, racking up 431 straight weeks on the chart.
On the upcoming Billboard charts, dated August 26, Drake's two latest tunes dropped off the Hot 100. "Passionfruit" fell from No. 81 and "Signs" dropped off the list from its previous spot, the precarious No. 100. Billboard reports that ever since 2009, Drake's had either a solo song on the charts or one of his many, many collabs. Often, he even managed to have both at the same time.
Being prolific certainly helps, since it gives artists more opportunities to chart. That fact is evidenced by the other artists with long runs on the Hot 100. Though Drake outnumbers them by over 100 weeks (think about it: That's two whole years on the top tunes list), fellow longstanding musicians include Lil Wayne, Rihanna, and Nicki Minaj, who are all known for teaming up with other artists.
He may not have a hit on the new chart, but Drake still has plenty to boast about. He's still the reigning champ when it comes to most songs on the list from a solo artist. Plus, he also holds the record for having the most consecutive songs on the Hot 100. In April of this year, when he released More Life, he had 24 different songs on the chart simultaneously.
Don't cue sad Drake just yet.
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