Cadbury-Coated Oreos Are The Most Extra Cookies You Never Knew You Needed

With their chocolate cookies and creamy vanilla filling, Oreos are already a chocolate lover's go-to treat. But the masterminds behind Oreo sandwich cookies know that sometimes, those two chocolate layers aren't enough. That may be why the company paired up with Cadbury for a chocolate-covered remix.
According to PopSugar, lucky Australians are being treated to Cadbury Coated Oreo cookies and their one-two punch of chocolate ecstasy.
The sweet treat is pretty straightforward, but the chocolate-covered cookies are a thing of beauty. Imagine a regular Oreo dipped in smooth, milky Cadbury chocolate and you've got a pretty good idea of what these new cookies taste like.
The Cadbury collab brings the luxe treat to the masses, however, and eschews the high prices that often come with fancy convenience stores. At $3.80 Australian dollars, a box (which contains a dozen cookies) rings in at £2.32. That almost justifies a flight to Australia, depending on just how devoted you are to Oreos.
But a flight might not even be necessary if Oreo plans on bringing the indulgent chocolate extravaganza over to the U.K. Here's hoping that the brand realises that chocolate is one of the things that can cross borders without an issue on either side.
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