IKEA's New ASMR Advert Will Give You Goosebumps

We're big fans of ASMR and even bigger fans of IKEA, so we almost combusted when we heard about the Swedish furniture giant's new advert, which employs some tingle-inducing ASMR trickery to sell us homeware.
If you've not come across ASMR – or 'head orgasms' as they're sometimes known (quite aptly, if you know what we mean...) – you've been missing out on a whole load of pleasure. ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which may sound complicated, but it basically refers to the tingling sensation one can experience when listening to certain sounds. Insomniacs often use it to help them get to sleep and it can be a great way to calm anxious thoughts.
YouTube is teeming with expertly made ASMR videos by so-called 'ASMRtists' (props to whoever coined that one), which we'd urge you to check out, but before you do, block out 25 minutes to watch IKEA's offering.
The ad campaign, 'Oddly IKEA', is aimed at college students for the purpose of flogging the brand's 'dorm-friendly' pieces, including sheets, cushions, closet organisers, desk lamps and the like – but it's far more exciting than it sounds.
It features a woman's whispered voice as she takes us on a goosebump-inducing journey through the IKEA products in her room. Expect to see her slowly running her hands over fitted sheets, plumping cushions, running her nails across a lamp and stroking a millennial pink rug.
According to the brand, most ASMR viewers are students, so they "put two and two together" and seemingly succeeded in creating the marketing ploy of the century. Well played, IKEA.

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