Kourtney Kardashian's Latest Airport Look Is H&M, But Reads Like Gucci

For most people, a trip to the airport requires minimal outfit planning. Leggings? Check. Oversized sweatshirt? Check. Ridiculous fuzzy socks you bought on super-sale at CVS? Check. Comfort is key, and aesthetics are more of an afterthought — it's not like your next great Instagram is going to be taken at baggage claim.
But if you're a celebrity — especially one of the Kardashian variety — none of the above applies. These days, airport style has become completely polarised: Much to the chagrin of the TSA, supermodels can still be found in off-the-runway looks, complete with stilettos (see: this photo of Miranda Kerr striding to security in a Gucci belt and high-heeled booties); then, there are people like Rihanna, who show up for flights in a gigantic sleeping bag coat. (She still kills this look because, well, she's Rihanna). But for mere mortals hoping for a meet-cute with the passenger in seat 14F, or looking to go straight off a flight into exploring a city, Kourtney Kardashian has provided a masterclass in what to wear.
1) Kourt's glittery olive set is adorable, and 2) The pant's red and white stripe totally comes across as Gucci. While Alessandro Michele's aesthetic influence is obvious, this killer athleisure look is actually from an infinitely more affordable source: H&M.
Now excuse us while we go purchase this look. (And maybe plan a trip, while we're at it).

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