Prepare The Tissues: We Might Not Get The Final Game Of Thrones Season Until 2019

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
So far, only two episodes of Game of Thrones’ seventh season have aired, but they've been so good that you’ve probably already forgotten how painful that long time without the show was. Right now, your mind may be totally preoccupied with theories about Sansa’s accessories and internal arguments about whether or not it’s excusable that Theon abandoned his sister like that. Sadly, though, we have to interrupt your mid-season mental state to share some tragic Game of Thrones news. The show's eighth and final season may not air until 2019.
In an interview with Entertainment Weekly last month, HBO chief Casey Bloy was asked about when Game of Thrones' final season would air, and he gave a vague answer. Bloy said that the final season would run in 2018 and/or 2019. At that time, he explained that the showrunners still have to "write the episodes and figure out the production schedule."
We know that doesn't sound promising, however Bloy recently revealed a new piece of info that has us feeling a little more hopeful. HBO's chief attended the Television Critics Association’s press tour yesterday, and according to Mashable, while there, he confirmed that Game of Thrones' final season is fully written. The showrunners still have to "board it all out" to "get a sense of how long it’ll take them to shoot this," but at least the writing is done.
Mashable also reported that the show is set to start filming in September. And, Bloy previously told EW that the showrunners, David Benioff and Dan Weiss, planned to work on GOT's final season for a year and a half, but the duo isn't exactly known for sticking to a timeline. We haven't forgotten the major betrayal we felt when we found out season seven of the show was delayed because the Benioff and Weiss wanted to shoot in more "grim grey weather." So, who knows, we might now get to see how the story of Westeros ends until well into 2019. That's all the more reason to savour every last moment of the show's current season, so get back to your theorising, fellow fans.

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