People Say This Celeb Dad Is #ParentingGoals After He Took Down Sexism

McFly drummer and Strictly Come Dancing babe Harry Judd is the dad to an adorable baby girl, and posts plenty of photos of the two of them on Instagram.
The internet has fallen in love with their latest daddy-daughter pic, not because both Judd and his little girl are looking cute (though they are), but because he uses the post to take down a gender stereotype he heard another dad spreading earlier that day.
"Mummy's away today so we've had some daddy daughter time ❤️ Over heard some guy telling his son to stop screaming like a girl," Judd wrote. "A comment I'd never given a second thought until today. Then he said it again "Stop screaming like a girl!" All I could think was what will Lola say when she understands what he said? Probably 'What's wrong with screaming like a girl Daddy?' And I'll tell her that there's nothing wrong with screaming like a girl and that it's actually a compliment because girls are awesome. ??"
Judd has gotten plenty of praise from Instagram commenters for being such a woke dad.
"Good job what a great father," one person wrote. "Best dad award for that comment goes to @harryjudd ??????," wrote another.
Some people (a.k.a. some of us here at R29), however, are critical of the praise Judd is getting. We love that he's championing his daughter and actively thinking about breaking gendered stereotypes, of course, but can't help but think that he wouldn't be getting so much praise if he was his daughter's mother instead of her father.
That he's even getting praise for thinking about sexism is, in itself, kind of sexist. We expect women to teach their daughters about gender and feminism, so if a woman were to post about wanting to teach her daughter that "girls are awesome," it probably wouldn't receive so much praise.
Most likely, she wouldn't even post it in the first place because hearing men tell young boys to "stop screaming/hitting/running like a girl" is such a common experience that a woman wouldn't have had the same kind of revelation that Judd did.
It's fantastic that this little girl will grow up with a dad willing to call out sexism, but let's stop praising men just for being good dads — unless we're going to praise mums, too.
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