Quentin Tarantino Is Making A Movie About The Manson Family Murders

The world is fascinated by cults, and we totally get why: Filled with brainwashing, strange rituals, crime, intrigue, and sometimes murder, groups like Jim Jones and the People's Temple and The Children of God have represented the darkness in humanity and are incredible lessons in the human psyche.
Though their stories have been told through television, books, interviews, and films, these cults continue to captivate audiences and artists – like the one-and-only Quentin Tarantino – alike.
On Tuesday, sources told The Hollywood Reporter that the sometimes controversial director would be tackling the Manson Family murders in his next project. Though the prospective film doesn't yet have a title, sources told THR that Tarantino is already on the lookout for A-list talent. Allegedly stars like Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence have already been approached, and Tarantino hopes to start shooting next summer.
As Variety notes, additional details about the film have yet to be released, and we don't know exactly how Tarantino will choose to tell the story of how Charles Manson convinced his "family" to kill music teacher Gary Hinman before instructing them to murder five people at a party in Benedict Canyon in Los Angeles, including an eight-month pregnant Sharon Tate.
Some of Manson's followers included Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Linda Kasabian, Mary Brunner, and Bobby Beausoleil.
Though Manson (whose real name is Charles Milles Maddox) didn't carry out the murders himself, he was convicted for orchestrating the crimes and sentenced to the death penalty in California. The state has since abolished the death penalty, and Manson had been denied parole 12 times by 2012.
As THR reports, this would be Tarantino's first film based on real-life events. His other projects include Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Reservoir Dogs.
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